Artists Fee and Payments

Artists Fee and Payments

Dear sellers,

Thanks for working with us we have some news and updates for you.

1 New payment methods will be added to the withdrawal section.
Crypto BTC, ETH, USDT Tether (ERC20}, USDT (ERC20), USDT Tether ( TRC20), USDT (TRC20), Cards Mastercard Worldwide, USD

2 An author who hasn't made any updates in the previous month and hasn't made any updates in the last 20 days of the current monthwill have the minimum withdrawal amount increased to $150.

Additionally, all commissions paid by the project on behalf of the author will be refunded. (inactive seller will pay all fee for withdrawal)

3 Commissions covered by the project for author withdrawals are refunded for inactive authors. Please refer to the withdrawal commission list for details.

Webmoney - 5%

2 Paypal - 7%

3 Bank Trasfer - no changes

4 Mir Cards country ( Russion ) - 10%

5 Crypta

BTC - 3%

ETH - 3%

USDT Tether (ERC20}, -3 % + 10 USDT (ERC20)

USDT Tether ( TRC20) - 4 % + 4 USDT (TRC20)

Cards Mastercard Worldwide, USD - 10%

4 Active authors who consistently maintain and update their shops will experience no changes. The shop itself will cover the commission, and the minimum withdrawal amount will remain at $50, as before.

Withdrawal processing times will range from 1 to 10 days depending on our capabilities, but we are working to automate withdrawals for active authors without any delays.

This feature is expected to be implemented by the end of the year.

More detals you will got from our documentation which we will add here

!!! All active requests will be rechecked by the system, and if they do not comply with these rules, they will be declined, and the funds will be returned to your accounts.

And you will need to setup new requests after the update of software...

We also invite you to new Products we are released now... to increase your profit...

New Updates with new Products for you

We have Open Prepais Projects for all Artists... - Just remember not setup big amount to accept funds and if you have a social networks add links there to your projects that your fans can funded you more..

Fan Lists of Artists - We have ca 10 - 20 available pages now for test

Courses - We can buy from your courses send us email if you want to sell your videos to us or you can open your school and earn. How to open a school

Meeting place for your community - this is new Catalog where you can add your school or master class (online / offile) and earn from our traffic to got more users...

Affiliate Partner Program - if you want to work with us and invite more friends and Artist and earn. Write us to got your information and ref link to work with