We are pleased to welcome you to our Prepaid Projects 

"The idea behind this product was created to offer exclusive artwork at a significant discount!"

How it work 

"The seller adds work in black and white format; the work is not colored."

"At the start, it's essential to find and come up with a creative idea that will be interesting to buyers."

"The artist sets the amount he would like to receive, provided that he colors the work."

"It's important to set the price for the artwork not too high so that it can be collected. 

If you work on platforms  picsfordesign.com and have many fans to your Fan Page, you can raise the price higher over time as you find your price level. 

It all depends on how well-known your name is on the platform and how many fans you have gathered. 

Therefore, regular updates in the catalog are the key to your popularity and income growth."

"Buyers and your fans who follow your updates and fan page contribute small portions. 

Their task is to collectively gather the amount specified by the author. 

If the amount is collected, the author colors the picture, and it automatically becomes available to everyone who contributed to the author. The collected amount goes to the author's account for the work."

See Documentation how to add images to this products 

Fundraising stage and their descriptions:

"Projects that are currently in the fundraising stage."

"Projects that successfully reached the specified amount set by the artist and were completed. The artists received the amount they aimed for, and the users received the fully colored artwork."

"Projects that couldn't gather the amount specified by the artist."

If you have more questions send us an email to contacts we will help you