This privacy policy explains in simple terms how we collect and handle the personal data our customers provide to us (or that's generated for them) upon registration and later down the road. A 'customer' is any user that registered and confirmed their account by the e-mail entered upon registration. 'Personal data' means any information related to customer that can be used to identify that customer, directly or indirectly. The information you may be asked to provide/generate includes the following:

- login and e-mail address (required, for authorization, password reset etc);
- license number (provisionally optional - required if using any items from for making tags etc. according to our Terms of Use;
- name, last name, company name, website name, street address, town/city, post code, country, phone number, date of birth (optional).

PicsForDesign respects your privacy and aims to collect only personal data absolutely vital to your customer experience on the site, as well as for internal statistical purposes. The optional data listed above is used to offer you personalized customer experience (e.g. addressing you by your name when you contact us or we need to get in touch with you regarding an urgent store-related matter) and for internal statistics only.

Your e-mail address is used exclusively for the following purposes:

- to verify your registration at; - to send a password reset for your account upon your request; - to get in touch with you about an urgent matter related to your customer activity at; - to identify your account in order to check for details of a specific purchase or action; - to send you our newsletter (only if you gave your express consent).

Please note that unless you subscribe to our newsletter yourself, we will not be sending you any news, updates and information on sales and promotions at our store. The information we send will then be limited to messages directly related to your account activity.

In case of a data breach likely to result in a risk for our customers' rights and freedoms, according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, PicsForDesign will notify all users within 72 hours of first having become aware of such breach.

Please note that when making a payment, you are always redirected to a secure site for payment purposes (such as PayPal or a different billing service, depending on the payment method). No transactions are processed directly through PicsForDesign absolutely does not have access to your complete financial data (your PayPal e-mail + access password and/or card number etc.) and is therefore unable to store any such data and/or make any transactions on your behalf.

If you find any of the terms listed above unacceptable at any point of using, you can always contact us by and request to have your account removed and all the data erased permanently.