Here are our most frequently asked questions. See if you know the right answer to them all! If you are not sure - there are useful links and more information below for you to be sure!

There are four gifting options we currently have. You can find out what they are here https://blog.picsfordesign.com/four-gifting-options-at-PFD

Please note that we do not send you the promo gifts, neither are you supposed to request them by e-mail. You can download them yourself any time.

You can find out how you can and can't use images purchased at PicsForDesign under the PU license here https://picsfordesign.com/license/pu_license

Exclusive Club membership is your chance to download any 3 exclusive images during 30 days (you get 3 downloads + 1 as a bonus if you extend the membership before the previous one runs out). You can find out all about the exclusive downloads and another advantage you get with the membership https://blogs.picsfordesign.com/exclusive-clu

PayPal orders are processed immediately, the product paid for appears on your or your friend's account right away. When you pay by credit card, processing time depends on your bank and is out of our hands. The products appear on the account as soon as the bank clears your payment.

We offer up to three license # options (if you have family members that you trust to use our products). You need to generate your license number or enter the combination you like in your account - My License. We allow any combinations of letters and numbers and it does not have to start with PFD. Please note that we do not change (erase) your existing license numbers for safety purposes. Please choose responsibly from the very beginning.

7. How do I credit the tags I make with your images?
You have to put your license number, a link to our website and the name of the artist, clearly visible on the tag. For exclusive images (prepaid projects, bonus gifts and those in the Exclusive Club), you can put either ©Artist's Name or ©Exclusive. You can find out more about crediting here 

8. I invested 1 dollar and then another one into the same project. Do I get to gift the extra one?
Yes, you do, all your investments are summarized. You get one copy of the finished project, all the extra ones will be available for you to gift when the project is completed.

9. I invested more than I wanted by accident. How to I get my money back?
Unfortunately, prepaid projects investments cannot be reversed: they go towards the target amount, directly to the artist's account. Please make sure you enter the exact amount you want to invest and only then click JOIN to avoid any accidents.

10. The prepaid project I invested into is finished but I do not see it available for downloading. Why the delay?
Our prepaid projects are fully automated: your investments appear under the preview right away and the images are added to your account immediately upon completion. When you invest the minimal amount, you can at any time check the stage of the project in your account (PFD Prepaid Projects).
If you do not see the project there, it means you never completed the process and are not participating in that particular project. Please check PFD Prepaid Projects whenever you have any doubts about whether or not you invested into one of our prepaid projects, which one and how much.

11. It's been two hours and my message to the support service has not yet been answered. How long does it usually take?
We always try to answer your questions as soon as possible. However, due to time difference (we are a European store and it may be night here when it's day in your country) and other messages we received before yours, it can take longer than you'd hope.
If it's been over 48 hours (the standard international response time frame for support service), there is a chance you did not submit the right e-mail to contact you.
You can contact us via the online form right here

12. There are only jpg files in the archive/I am unable to open the archive. Can you please send me the correct archive by e-mail?
We do not send our products via e-mail for safety purposes. You can download any products you purchased at any time in your account - Purchase History.
Seeing only jpg files (previews) or not being able to open the archive means the downloading process was interrupted due to connection problems and you do not have the full archive. You should go to Purchase History and download the archive again. Sometimes, you may need to try a different browser (often temporary browser problems are the cause).
If you can open the zip archive but your image editor is showing an error when you are trying to open the PSD image, it may have to do with the version of your editor. Please contact us with details on what editor you are using and which error message you see (a screenshot is always appreciated).

13. What do I do when I completed the requirements of one of your promotions? Should I e-mail you and claim my bonus?
The best part is that you do not need to e-mail us or the artist/scrap kit designer: you can do it all yourself in less than a minute. Another great thing is that your promo bonuses do not expire: you can download them whenever you like. We also made sure you are protected against duplicates! If you happen to download any images that you previously purchased, the number of downloads available will not change, you will still have that bonus download available!

14. Facebook authorization
You can now enter your PFD account via Facebook. You need to already have an active account with PFD and be logged in. Then click login to connect your account to your Facebook account. You will then be able to log in PicsForDesign via Facebook.

Please note that if you do not link your PFD account to your Facebook profile in the way described above, there is a risk you may end up creating a new PFD account that will be created for you as a new user and linked to your existing Facebook profile.

If you are not registered with us yet, instead of filling out the registration form and waiting for the activation link, just login via Facebook and you will have an account created for you automatically.