I. General provisions

1. Artists are exclusive owners of their graphic art packages (Tubes) and resulting products displayed on this website. Purchasing any tube does not entail any rights to it, rather than gives permission to use it in quite a limited way, which is what PU license is for.

2. Tubes and other products available at are for online/digital use only, for strictly personal and non-commercial purpose(making tags, timeline covers etc). Some products, such as kits and posers, may be used for a broader range of purposes, IF the TOU of a specific designer expressly permits it.

3. An individual license number must be created and saved by every customer on their own prior to purchasing and using any tubes or products. This is done in My Account - License.

4. PicsForDesign service will be considered provided in full after the customer downloads the product(s) purchased (or received in any other way through the website interface) at least once.

5. It's your responsibility as a seller or customer at this store to occasionally review these Terms of Use for any amendments. If at any point you discover a provision that you do not accept in its entirety, you are free to stop selling/buying. By continuing to use this website you agree to follow our Terms contained on this page.

II. Copyright information - how to credit our artists and designers

a) for PSP TUBES

All tubes, when displayed online by the customer, MUST contain the following information, displayed in a very clear and visible way:

1. The copyright symbol © followed by the full name of the artist as registered on our website or the word Exclusive if applicable.

2. Our website URL (*

3. Proper license number saved for the account from which that product was purchased.

Here is how you credit the artist on your tags etc:

© ArtistName*


* You must put © ArtistName for REGULAR tubes and QUEST bonuses. You can put either © Exclusive or © ArtistName for exclusives from prepaid projects, those available only to the Exclusive Club members and monthly loyalty bonuses.

*** For avatars sized under 200 pixels on the larger side, you are allowed to put just the artist's name and your PicsForDesign license.

b) for KITS, FRAMES, POSERs and RESALE products.

For kits, frames and posers (both resale and offered by the original designer), please be guided by the TOU of the designer whose product(s) you purchased. These are typically found inside the archive with the product. In case any product from the above purchased at PFD also contains a PSP tube with copyright information provided in the description or specifically and unequivocally within the archive (in the TOU file, on one of the layers of the PSD file), when using that tube, please refer to PFD terms for PSP tubes - the tag or design created must contain all the copyright information that would be required in case any other PSP tube was used, specifically:

© ArtistName


For cases when the designer does not provide a clearly visible and specific copyright information for the tube(s) used in the scrap kit, you just need to give credit to the seller, if so required in their TOU, by writing "Kit by… Seller_Name". In case the TOU file included with the ZIP archive contradicts these terms, please be guided by these Terms.

Please note that the copyright symbol © can only be used before the names of the original artists that created a certain piece. You must not put a copyright sign before the name of the scrap kit designer, unless they are the original artist at the same time.

III. Under the PU license available from you are allowed to:

1. Choose any combination of letters and numbers for the license number, as long as that combination is not inappropriate or offensive. The license number you submit does not have to start with PFD_. Up to three licenses are allowed per account, for family use. Each license is equally valid. These are not possible to change once they've been submitted.

2. Create graphic digital products for non-commercial use, such as PSP tags and free tutorials. Our tubes can be used for creating banners and website designs, as long as the owner of the final banner or design is the same person that purchased the tube(s) used for making it.

3. Make Facebook Timeline Covers for yourself and other people, as long as there is no profit of any kind involved.

4. Colorize tubes purchased, alter and animate them.

5. Use several tubes from different artists selling at PicsForDesign in one tag (as long as all the tubes were purchased at PFD). In the field that requires the author's name, you must list all the artists separated by commas. For example: © Rzhevskii, Zebrush, Zlata_M.

IV. Under the PU license available from it's strictly forbidden to:

1. Share tubes purchased, downloaded for free, received as a gift, a bonus or in any other way through our website or in their original format (ZIP archive, PSD file), or any modification of the original file format (such as PNG), in any way.

2. Use tubes purchased or otherwise received through our website for any kind of commercial purpose.

3. Use tubes purchased or otherwise received through our website for making promo materials (banners etc) and creating website designs for otherpeople.

4. Use tubes for the purposes allowed but without proper copyright information.

5. Put any © symbols that imply the character depicted was created by anyone other than the original artist.

6. Put any other site URL's on tags created with its PSP or Poser tubes. If a kit from PicsForDesign was also used for the tag, you can add something like "Scrap kit by…", but still no URLs other than PicsForDesign URL.

NB! Sharing of our copyrighted products in any form, sharing links to our copyrighted products being shared or using them for commercial purpose will result in blocking of the customer's account, which will effectively mean they are no longer permitted to use the products purchased for any purpose and will lose access to all the previously purchased products. Please be warned that this does NOT entitle you to a refund for any images purchased or otherwise received through our website.

V. Using our tubes for commercial purpose or without crediting the artist

If you wish to create products for commercial purpose, such as to make promo materials, banners, create web designs for other people, as well as make non-digital products, you must obtain a royalty-free license for the desired tube(s).

PicsForDesign license, which typically costs $1.85 a piece, allows you to use such a tube for very limited purposes and is absolutely not suitable for commercial use. If you intend to create any type of commercial product, you must have a royalty-free license for the tube or tubes used that can be obtained at

For instance, for creating various digital products based on a single tube, you need the $7 license. For any type of royalty-free license you do not need to credit the artist or provide any other copyright information. However, you are still not allowed to pass the original PSD file to anyone or share it in any way.

VI. Our Delivery Policy

1. PicsForDesign is a seller of digital goods. When you make a purchase, you are buying a license to use a certain product (a PSP tube, poser tube, kit, cluster frame etc) in a specific way. By making that purchase you get permission to use it according to this store's TOU, which in no way entails any rights on the products purchased.

2. The digital goods you purchase are not sent to you by e-mail or in any other way for security purposes.

3. When your payment is processed, we send you a link to the section of the website where you can download the item purchased. The receipt by you of such an e-mail will constitute delivery by us to you of the item you purchased.

4. You can visit the website on your own, without clicking on the link we send you, in order to download the item purchased. Completion of the download of the products for which you purchased the license will constitute delivery to you of the digital goods you purchased.

5. Please be warned that all products you purchase are delivered to you as a zipped archive. It's your responsibility to have a program that allows unzipping such an archive. Inability to unzip the archive due to incomplete download for reasons that PicsForDesign has no control over does not constitute a case of non-delivery.

6. If you did not receive an e-mail from us following your purchase and the product you paid for is not available in your account for downloading, you need to contact us using the special contact form with the transaction ID for your purchase. If you do not contact us within 5 days from the moment the payment was processed, the product(s) you purchased will be considered as delivered.

VII. Our Refund Policy

1. Once the items you paid for have been delivered (you received an e-mail from us with a link OR you downloaded the item(s) in your account), as long as you received the exact thing you purchased of the quality that would be reasonably expected upon checking the preview(s) and the product description made available by the artist or designer before the purchase, there is no refund.

2. Incomplete downloads interrupted for reasons that PicsForDesign has no control over and resulting in inability to unzip the archive are not constituted a reason for a refund.

3. A refund is possible if you happened to purchase another copy of the product you already have, but only as long as both copies were purchased at our store. In this case the amount of the duplicate is refunded to your PFD account regardless of the payment method you used.

4. In case chargebacks are made, your account will be deactivated until you have added the amount of the chargeback to it. At this point you will regain access to your previously purchased items and will be able to shop more.

VIII. Our Privacy Policy

1. PicsForDesign takes all necessary steps to protect the privacy of its users during their use of the website and in between the visits.

2. This website and its owners require personal information upon registration strictly for the purpose of access (logging in and downloading previously purchased items), shopping and identification (including cases of lost/forgotten passwords).

3. We may use your personally identifiable information (name, e-mail address, date of birth) to contact you (including to let you know about recent additions to our catalogue or new promotions) or to help you reset your password.

4. We may use your non-personally identifiable information, such as your license number, to confirm you indeed purchased the product displayed on a tag and for other related purposes.

5. Please be advised that we may be able to view your IP address when you create a profile, which is used for the purpose of statistics.

6. PicsForDesign does not share any personal information with any third parties. Ever.

7. If you wish not to receive our newsletter that tells you of the new additions to our catalogue and our running promotions, you need to unsubscribe in your account settings. You may still receive notices from us regarding very important changes on the website or something that we reasonably assume is critical for you to know.

8. If any products displayed on the website contain any links to or mentioning of other websites and resources, it's understood that users view them at their own discretion.

IX. Disclaimer of liability

PicsForDesign works to ensure that no product sold in our store infringes on copyright and/or trademarks. Should any item(s) be found to infringe on copyright and/or trademarks, the item(s) will be removed by the party who designed and uploaded the item (the seller). Failure to remove the item(s) will result in the seller being removed from the store.

PicsForDesign, acting as an intermediary between sellers and customers, offers and promotes all items uploaded to the store in good faith and shall not be held liable for any losses and damages, real or potential, suffered as a result of purchasing any item(s) being offered.

As part of the store TOU please accept this as notice that due to the nature of our business absolutely NO refunds are given on ANY digital products, i.e. tubes and scrap kits.

X. Our policy on AI-generated content

AI (artificial intelligence) requires an input for there to be an output, with serious issues arising from the use of copyright-protected imagery transformed into something that can be used for further commercial gain.

Please note, this is the policy of on AI-generated content:

  • All sellers offering AI-generated content as part of their product must have all the rights for them, (which is possible for paid subscription to an AI service) AND make sure the content used is available under the Creative Commons License at the very least. It is important to use your own creations, and not those of others.
  • AI-generated images are not allowed for items in categories PSP Tubes and Start, as well as in any tubes, elements, or posers with a face, offered within scrap kits or any other items.
  • Product description must state clearly and unequivocally that the product includes AI-generated content. This information must also be visible on the previews and clearly stated in the included TOU.
  • All other applicable Terms of must be followed.

Given the fact legal regulation is lagging behind the latest developments in the use of AI-generated content, reserves the right to amend these terms at any moment without prior notification. Therefore, it is the seller’s responsibility to check with our AI terms to stay abreast of any changes.

Terms for Sellers (English)

Terms for Sellers (Russian)