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1. Post Editor 

(or cloud image editor and promo material creator)

is available in our opilato cloud. 

We developed this tool for you so that you can take and apply the works you purchased immediately in the cloud editor.

Here are 10 things Post Editor can do:

1. Edit images, including resizing, cropping, rotating, and color correction.

2. Add text and headlines to images to create informative and engaging promotional materials.

3. Apply filters and effects to give images a unique style.

4. Create collages and compositions from multiple images for more effective presentations.

5. Add stickers, icons, and other decorative elements to embellish images.

6. Work with layers to create complex designs and montages.

7. Use drawing tools and manual retouching for adding individual elements to images.

8. Export images in various formats suitable for printing, web, and social media.

9. Save projects for later editing and reuse.

10. Share your work with other users or export it for use in various purposes.

Documentation on our product pages.

Visit our User Manual 

Here you can follow the link and access all tutorials on how to use the Post Editor.